Director's Message


........ for successfully completion of first year B. Pharm. course.

          We over come all abstacles that people face for a big motivation pharmacy, a para medical courses is very closely related to medical profession, now a day becomes a highly skillfull develop technology.

          In all other developed countries, pharmaceuticals Technologistare treated and honoured at per with medical practitioners and are highly places and respected in their profession all fields as well as in the society. But unfortunately in our country where the percentage of education is very less in comparision to the population commen people are yet to understand the vital role of pharmacist and their specialized skill in the respective and sophisticated field.

          To keep these goals in mind we developed this professional institution with A.I.C.T.E. guide- line infrastructure, facilities and accommodate qualified faculties to educate and trained few more inspired and dynamic pharmacists for creating skillfull man- power. By this way we contribute and strengthen the wing of a noble profession.

Prof. Dr. Amitshankar Dutta



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