Vision & Mission



         The Institute intends to be the prominent public research and training institute in the field of Pharmacy, linking the people of the nation and the world.

         To serve the society and in Pharma Industry, by meeting the challenges of a changing healthcare system and Pharmaceutical sciences and Technology.

         To establish centers of Excellence in Pharmacy and Drug Research.

         Science and Technology plays the key role in the development of a country. It is well recognized that the quality of technical education becomes paramount important for strengthening the economy of the country and improves the living standards of its people as well. Hence, the vision of the promoting body is to establish centers of Excellance in the field of Pharmacy, other technical courses and in research.


         To contribute to the national programme of providing trained graduate pharmaceutical manpower through prescribed training programmes like B.Pharm adequately with professional pharmaceutical education and effective competency to undertake the national task of meeting social and pharmaceutical needs in industrial pharmacy, medical programme and pharmaceutical education and research.

(i) To promote quality education in the field of Pharmacy.

(ii) To produce highly skilled and knowledge to Pharmacy Bachelors to cater the needs of the health services and the pharma industry.

(iii) To provide job opportunities in general and to the local young people in particular.


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